Computer room Mugunda

One of the aims of our association is to try to simplify the young access (but it is not only for young people) to the new means of communication in order to facilitate the education and the work placement as well as in the other luckier countries of the world.
In order to achieve this aim, on December 2011 a computer room was created in the school St. Regina in Nairutia using new furniture obtained by some material sent by the sponsors, for the purpose of placing 22 computers and a projector which have been donated by the Onlus.
By hiring a computer professor (Mr. Kariuki), 333 students have the possibility to attend 16 hours of class every week; this allow students to get certificate “Society of Kenya Certificate”.
The next step is to create a low cost working internet connection in order to introduce E-Learning classes and establish an online cultural exchange with other countries’ schools.