Youth Polytechnic Nairutia

The polytechnic has been founded by James Santarossa, a Fidei Domum priest from Pordenone,Italy.

The following courses are held today:

  • Building (carpentry and masonry): total students 26 of which female 0
  • Fashion Design and garment tech: total students 15 of which female 14
  • Hairdressing and Beauty therapy: total students 16 of which female 15
  • Motor Vehicle Technology: total students 24 of which female 0
  • Electrical/Electronics Tech.: total students 15 of which female 0
  • Welding and Fabrication: total students 8 of which female 0
  • Food and Bevarage: total students 2 of which female 2
  • Computer application: total students 22 of which female 15

Today (2013) there are 8 classes and the course duration takes 2 years.

The polytechnic is official recognized by the Kenyan authorities, as a Youth Polytechnic.

The Directorate of Industrial Training( DIT) releases the certificates after a official exam.

75% of the students commute every day more than 20km to reach the school. The other 25% is hosted at school as the distances are too far daily travel.

Facilities/equipment urgently needed to allow access to more students:

  • Permanent dormitory
  • Adequate building to keep training courses for Fashion Design and Garment Tech
  • Adequate building to keep training courses for Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy
  • Computer room and computers
  • Adequate Building to keep training courses for Electrical and Electronics.
  • Teaching equipment-tools for Electrical and Electronics - Motor Vehicle Tech - Fashion/Garment.