Who we are

Goal Smile Onlus is a non-profit organization, created on 15th March 2011 in Concordia Sagittaria (Venice), by about thirty friends which aim to build a long-lasting dental center in the same Father Romano Filippi’s mission in Mugunda, Kenya. The dental center has been created and it is now operating! The friends wanted to consecrate it to Monsignor Pierluigi Mascherin, one of the founder of the Goal Smile who recently died. The association keeps on finding new supporters who, sharing the beginning project, have allowed to open the horizon of the aims in order to go beyond the passive dependence on assistance and to foster the economic autonomy and independence of the local people. The association is characterized by a spirit of solidarity and it is against every profit-making activity. The main aim of the association is to create a strong relationship between who gives his support and who receives it.

Were we began

Father Romano Filippi, a missionary of the diocese of Concordia-Pordenone has been working for 40 years in Kenya, in Mugunda, near Nyeri city. Father Romano has activated a series of local services, which we usually take for granted but which are totally non-existent in those places, as a pediatric hospital, a dispensary for the medical treatments (in particular for the diagnose and the treatment of A.I.D.S.), primary and secondary schools, an aqueduct which is constantly expanding with a 400 Km water supply system. He has recently involved a group of friends for the building and the management of a dental center.

Our goals

  • Support the development aimed at the achievement of the autonomy
  • Awareness towards emergency situations.
  • Involvement the strength of a man, supported by a lot of friends, may change the destiny of a community.
  • Education: both professional and human through the exchange of knowledge and experiences.
  • Education to solidarity and prevention through testimonies and meetings for the students.